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At Foresee, we live and breathe IT, Fixed Line and Mobile so we always like to help our customers if they have any questions in these areas. We work with a variety of customers every day and we have discovered that common queries always arise when we talk about our services.

Here are some of the questions we face daily and why we will always be on hand to offer our customers peace of mind as they explore how IT, Fixed Line and Mobile can transform their business.

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Q. Should I move into the Cloud?

Foresee specialises in migrating businesses into the Cloud and we have taken many of our existing customers on the cloud migration journey. The advantages of joining the cloud are that it is easier to scale up and down as your business requires it, there is automatic software updates, disaster recovery and increased security. We have seen the benefits of this migration first hand and we believe that in the next 10 years all businesses within the UK will have some of their infrastructure in the cloud. If you would like to discuss whether the Cloud is the right solution for your business one of our highly trained and experienced team members will be happy to answer any further questions.

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Q. Is my data secure in the Cloud?

This questions is a big one, as we are seeing that more and more businesses are interested in how the Cloud can benefit their business. However, there is always one concern and that is whether their data will be secure. In this day and age, we always have to be cautious about internet and data security as there are horror stories about hackers. At Foresee, we sell worse case scenarios so we make sure that our customers have the right data security in place to ensure their data is always secure.

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Q. Can you improve my internet speed?

In one word, yes! We hear a lot of people complaining about their internet is too slow and we can normally always solve that issue. A lot of our customers were still using ADSL, which is an older broadband line and doesn’t include break-fix so they were finding that their internet wasn’t working correctly. At Foresee, we offer a solution which means that there is a lot more continuity so when something breaks there is a backup which can fix it quickly.  We don’t want your staff sitting in the office twiddling their thumbs because the internet is down, we want them to know their internet is reliable.

This is a snapshot of the queries we receive from our customers, but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Whether you want to move to the Cloud, improve your data security or have faster internet, Foresee will be able to help. For more information, fill in the form below and we will contact you soon.

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