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Fixed Line Services is another key service that ensures the successful operation of any business. After all, without your landlines how would you survive?

At Foresee, we do not outsource this key area of the business so all of our Fixed Line Services are done in house. This allows all our customers to make one call to highlight any issues or ask any questions they may have.

We also have full visibility and access to BT Openreach portals and can raise faults and check the status of any line or service on it.

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We can make sure you are getting the best speeds available in your area!

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Try something different

The world is full of sales people and companies promising that they can do it cheaper. What about just doing it better?
At Foresee we are able to offer you competitive rates for your calls and lines, without tying you into a long-term contract. We do this by offering a fully converged solution that can work alongside your IT and mobile services.

Business Telephone & Telecoms Systems & Services

A key part of any fixed line provision is resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery. Your gateway to the internet must be the “backbone” of your business and we are seeing customers move away from the basic ADSL service.

We have a range of Direct Internet Access products that are becoming more widely available as they have a robust SLA’s that cover guaranteed performance levels and downtimes. This varies from 5 hour to 8 hour break/fix guarantees.

  • FTTC- Fire to the Cabinet
    • This is the service that is slowly being rolled out across the country giving customers access to super-fast broadband
    • With speeds widely available of 30-50MB download and 20MB upload this can be a massive step up from standard ADSL services
    • Currently this is geared towards the consumer or residential market and there are no plans to roll it into business areas within the UK
    • We have seen many sites where the housing estate opposite has access to FTTC but the industrial estate next door has nothing better that standard ADSL. There is NO break/fix SLA on this product
  • EOFTTC- relies on FTTC being available
    • It is designed as a business product and offers synchronised upload and download speeds, e.g. 20MB up and 20MB down and has a break/fix SLA of 6 hours
  • EFM- Ethernet First Mile
    • A business grade product with speeds that are synchronous so you can guarantee a minimum level of performance, e.g. 20MB up and down
    • Zero contention rates are usual as the line is designated direct to the customer
    • Monitored service with a serviced router on the customer’s premises
  • Ethernet- The Rolls Royce service
    • Zero contention rates
    • Synchronous speeds are available up to 1GB up and down
    • SLA of 5 hours ensured

Have a product you can rely on

Foresee has full Mitel accreditation and Mitel name Foresee as a partner. We chose to partner Mitel due to its unsurpassed product offering. Its equipment is designed for the enterprise market but cost effective enough for the SME market place and benefits from all the R&D done on its enterprise users. With over 60 million users across the world, this is a product you can rely on and integrate into any business.

Use our years of experience

Mitel is a world leader when it comes to UC or Unified Communications and that allows you as a business to integrate your key technologies and make your business leaner, stronger and resilient.

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