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If you want to know more about Foresee, you have come to the right place! Here are some of our frequently asked questions…

What can I do to learn more about GDPR or even where to start?

With the biggest shake up in our data protection legislation almost upon us, how prepared is your business?

Check out our GDPR page and find out how you can get yourself and your staff up to speed. Visit today!

Can I take just one of your services or do I have to take everything?

We offer every service as a standalone service or as part of a fully converged solution. So whether you just want us to manage your mobiles, save you money on your Fixed Line bills, install a new server or just have someone to call when you need IT support, we can do it all or just one service.

Do you sub contract or outsource any of your operation?

No, everything is dealt with in house. The question is a good one as all of our competitors, even some of the big ones like BT cannot do all that we do internally. So we provide, install, bill and manage all our services internally and have all the expertise and experience within Foresee to do that?

What if I have a problem who do I call?

Simple, one call, one number. For all our services you simply call the service desk on 01656 333000. You will speak directly to an experienced and qualified technical engineer that can help you.

We are thinking about moving all our IT into the Cloud but we have no idea where to start. Can you help us?

It is a daunting thought and you will be worried about your data, security and downtime. Also what about the cost? The good news is we have loads of experience of helping all different sizes of business make the move. Over the next 5/7 years 90% of businesses will move some, most or all of their infrastructure into the Cloud. There are massive plus points, 24/7 availability with 99.9% uptime, access anywhere as long as you have Internet access, the list goes on.

At Foresee we appreciate the gravity of the move, so we will work with you and all your senior managers to understand the logistics of the move and project plan everything to make it as smooth as possible. Whoever you choose to do this for you will need to take the time to understand you and your business and we are confident we can do this.

You are doing the right thing you just need help and someone you can trust to do it for you. Give us a call.

How long will we be tied into a contract with Foresee?

You can take all our services over a variety of periods to suit your business. We believe that providers often hide behind long contracts and deliver shocking customer service, normally by the time you find out it’s too late. At Foresee we're always clear on the length of your agreement.

As you would expect some of our services have to have a long-term contract. For example, a new lease line or Ethernet service could come with a hefty one off installation cost. However if you commit to a 3-year term the providers will waive the installation cost and lower the monthly subscription. It’s a service you are going to need for a long time anyway so it makes better economic sense to take a long contract. We will give you the best advice on every service we offer.

Will I have to log a ticket and wait hours for someone to get back to me?

On most occasions you will speak directly to one of the technical team and your issue is resolved on the spot. The guys will still log a ticket and you will get an email notification that the ticket has been raised and closed and you will have a chance to leave feedback on the service you have received. At busy times the guys may raise a ticket and call you straight back or resolve the issue off line and call you and tell you the ticket has been resolved and show you over the phone.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

Our new Headquarters is at the Fort Dunlop building in Birmingham, but we also have a strong footprint in South Wales. This allows us to comfortably cover South Wales, M4 Corridor, the South West of England and the Midlands and that is where the majority of our clients are based. That said our clients have multiple sites and we support client sites in Scotland, the Lake District and East Anglia.