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Customer service is paramount at Foresee so we always like to chat to our customers to find out how our solutions are helping their business.


Julie Randle, Smile Style

Recently, we had a catch-up with one of our customers, Smile Style, who are based in Stafford. Smile Style is a dental practice who perform pain-free and life transforming dentistry and we have been working with them for over a year.

Foresee are currently looking at improving their telephone systems so we spoke to Julie Randle, their Practice Manager, to find out about her experience with Foresee.

When did you first hear about Foresee?

I had worked with Myla when she was at a previous company and I managed to track her down when she moved to Foresee. I was always impressed by her knowledge as there seems to be nothing that Myla doesn’t know about phone systems.

Why did you choose Foresee?

At the time I was disillusioned by my phone provider and they had a diabolical customer service so I was looking to switch providers. As a dental practice we had always been advised to find an IT dental provider but when Myla introduced me to Steve, I thought it was time to step outside our comfort zone. We haven’t looked back since!

What does Foresee do for your business?

Foresee help with our telephone, broadband and internet services. As a dental practice if your computer goes down it can be a bit of a nightmare, so we need Foresee to be on hand if the worst does happen. We had our server replaced in September and Foresee were fantastic as they liaised with every dental software company to make sure that all the computers had the right software on them.

How have these services improved Smile Style?

We are certainly more productive as we have the right software and the right hardware. Myla has also increased our phone lines and saved us money, meaning we don’t miss any calls and have lower bills.

How important is IT within the dental practice?

We couldn’t work without IT because it really is at the heart of the business. Everything is computerised, for example we have digital x-rays and our appointment diaries are all digital. If our IT isn’t working correctly or the phones are down then we won’t have patients to treat.

How would you sum up your experience with Foresee?

They are what they say on the tin as they are very honest and trustworthy. For them, nothing is too small and nothing is too big. They also work people-friendly hours and not office hours, so I can always call them if there is a problem. They definitely stand out from the crowd and actually listen to what you need.

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