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There has been a lot of change at Foresee recently, as we have welcomed a lovely new brand and website. With these changes now in place we felt it was the right time to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about Foresee’s journey.

Our Managing Director, Steve Matthews, explains how Foresee began and the steps it has taken to become a successful IT and Business communications specialist.

When was Foresee founded?

I had a technical background and got into mobile in 2006, where I worked on the business side but I didn’t like the marketplace because there was no customer service. I wanted to create a local business that sold to local people and really cared about their customers, so I setup Foresee in 2009.

How has the company grown?

We started delivering 100% mobile but I wanted to put more integration into the business so I knew we needed to add IT Services and Fixed Line. From experience, I knew that businesses would rather have one company that does it all, than having lots of different companies for each service. Consequently we added IT in 2011, then Fixed Line in 2013 and we now have a team of eight based at our offices in Bridgend and Sutton Coldfield.

What was a pivotal moment for the company?

A pivotal moment was definitely when Myla joined the company in 2013. She is the ‘Fixed-Line Goddess’ and when she joined it was a big step for us as we could finally bring everything in-house. That was when it changed from a concept into a reality.

What makes Foresee different from your competitors?

I say this all the time, and I know that everyone says their business is unique, but you know what? We are! Some of the biggest companies in the UK can’t do what we can do, as they might only have the ability to do one of our services, whereas we do it all under one roof. We are also different because we make sure that everyone on the team has a great personality. When we hire members of the team we always make sure that they are able to talk to people as we think it is incredibly important to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

What are Foresee’s customers like?

Our customers are very diverse and are not from one particular sector. We find that they know that they need to embrace technology but might not be savvy in this area, so they need some help. They have also experienced success and want technology to help them to continue to grow. That’s where we come in!

Where do you see Foresee in 5 years?

I would hope that we keep growing and continue to help our customers with all their IT, mobile and Fixed Line needs- that’s the dream!

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