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We rely on IT to run pretty much every area of business, and regardless of whether you are a multinational with multiple sites or a one-man band running a business from your bedroom, we all need the same things:

  • We need access to high speed Internet and the ability to store our important data safely and securely
  • We need to be safe from cyber-attack
  • We need to have someone to call to fixed a problem

Essentially we just want IT to work on time, every time.

Foresee wants to be seen and heard

It’s about being proactive and making observations and recommendations, so that Foresee is always seen and heard within businesses. We schedule planned monthly maintenance visits, regardless of if there is an issue or not. This allows our technical experts to form relationships with all of your staff.

During these visits you will be amazed at how approachable our engineers are, as we are not just a rigid voice on the end of a line. When you do have to call, you will speak directly to a technical expert and where possible they will fix your problem on that call.

We all need IT

Your IT infrastructure is an integral part to the successful operation of your business and managing that is a huge responsibility.  At Foresee we keep you up and running by professionally monitoring, managing and supporting your infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • IT Services
  • Fixed Line Services
  • Mobile Services