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Response Time

Any Customer reported problems in respect of Products covered by this Agreement will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the assessment time paragraph below.

The FORESEE classification of ‘Severity 1, 2, 3 and 4’ will be initially allocated by the Customer Contact to denote the severity of faults.


The definition of each category of severity is set out below. These will be agreed with The Customer when a call is logged and responded to using the table below. The severity category may be reviewed and amended by FORESEE if appropriate.

Severity 1 – System Down
The system is completely down i.e. unable to access the server (s). Severe impact to business

Severity 2 – Critical
The system is operational, but experiencing a significant difficulties resulting in significant impact to business.

Severity 3 – Normal
The system is operational, but the Customer is experiencing difficulties. Medium impact to business.

Severity 4 – General
The system is operational, but the Customer requires clarification. Little or no impact to business.

Assessment Time




(a) Response Time will be measured as continuous elapsed hours.


(b) Resolution Delivery Time will always be measured as continuous lapsed hours.

(c) FORESEE Resolution Delivery Time will always be measured as time available during the normal working hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm (GMT) Monday to Friday

(d) In the case where the effort required to resolve a problem is deemed to take longer than the relevant Resolution Delivery Time, FORESEE will contact the Customer with a view to discuss the situation and investigate the possibility of an interim solution however it must be understood that resolution within the SLA period cannot be guaranteed.

(e) For Severity ‘1’ and ‘2’ categories a plan of action must be agreed between FORESEE and the Customer during the response call. FORESEE staff shall make every

reasonable effort to do this within the times stated above, but the Customer must also ensure availability of relevant personnel to successfully address the issue.

(f) In order to resolve issues, FORESEE must be able to recreate the problem in order to determine a suitable solution.

(g) FORESEE will provide a named account manager.

(h) FORESEE cannot be responsible and held liable for delays in support where dependant on 3rd party support.