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Foresee can offer your business a fixed cost support package that suits your business and budget.

Below are a few of the ways that we successfully look after our growing list of customers:


We don’t offer long-term contracts and instead our support packages run on a 30 day rolling contract.


Our service desk is run by people who truly care about our customers and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Our service desk is also placed at the very front of our telephone system meaning you will usually get through to an expert straight away without having to go through a multitude of call menus or queues.


As part of our proactive approach each site is visited on a monthly basis by one of our engineers. This is a planned preventative maintenance visit, to ensure that the site and equipment is maintained and visited.


Regardless of sector or size we can tailor a package that is just right for what you need. We are definitely not a one size fits all kind of company, so as you grow, simply scale up.

Remote Management

Using a suite of ‘real-time’ 24/7 monitoring software we can pro-actively, prevent & resolve issues before they causes disruption and downtime. As this is a non-intrusive form of 24/7 IT Support it often results in issues being resolved without the end users knowledge.


Included in all packages is a weekly management report, delivered directly to your in-box, which informs you of any fixes or outstanding issues.


By installing and monitoring the latest available Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions we are able to keep you safe from cyber-attack. Centrally administered solutions ensure everyone on your network is safe and secure.