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Our business specialises in migrating businesses to the cloud. Our technical team have taken many existing customers on the cloud migration journey and are highly trained and experienced to ensure this transition is efficient and smooth.

There are many benefits to be had by switching your business to cloud based IT:

  • Save money – with energy bills rising, having your infrastructure in the cloud removes the cost of powering energy hungry servers.
  • Security – end to end encryption and with your data held in secure data centres, the risk of data theft is dramatically reduced
  • Flexibility – make remote working a breeze, all you need is an Internet connection to access your systems.
  • Automatic Updates – cloud based applications automatically update themselves instead of forcing IT departments to perform manual updates.
  • Sustainability – Hosting on the cloud is more environmentally friendly and results in less of a carbon footprint

Advantages of the Cloud

The ability to easily scale up and down as your business requires it

Automatic software updates

Reduced expenditure on utilities

Disaster recovery

Increased security