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Why Redstor?

Since 1998 Redstor have architected and implemented onsite backup, storage and archiving solutions, we have deployed fully hosted solutions and combinations of the two. We have worked onsite, and we have forged a path to the cloud.

Along this journey, we have faced many of the challenges our customers have faced, and continue to face today.

We selected a backup solution that would give us confidence now and longevity throughout the introduction of GDPR.

Where does Redstor store data?
For Redstor’s UK and European customers, data will be stored in a secure format in Redstor’s three UK data-centres. Redstor’s primary data-centre is in Slough, with two further facilities located in Reading, close to the company’s headquarters.

Redstor’s primary data-centre facilities are protected with security systems that are designed to prevent any unauthorised access. In addition, Redstor software and platforms are regularly audited and tested to minimise the risk of a data breach. As the owner and developer of the software, Redstor implements appropriate measures to ensure privacy and protection by design to meet
the requirements of data protection law and to protect the rights of data subjects. In addition, secure copies of backup data are mirrored between data-centre facilities to ensure redundancy against downtime.

Under the GDPR, unauthorised access to personal data is treated seriously. To mitigate against the risk of unauthorised access and to help ensure the security of services and personal data, Redstor encrypt all data before it leaves its primary location. Data is encrypted, at source, using 256-bit AES (GCM) encryption and further protected using TLS ciphers during cloud and offsite backup communication. Encryption keys are unique to every backup client and are chosen by the customer. Data cannot be read without the encryption key and at no point are these encryption keys available to Redstor.

In line with the regulation and best practice data management, Redstor software gives organisations the ability to choose retention as is suitable, including the ability to retain different data sets for different periods.

Security certifications
Redstor hold certifications in ISO 9001 for quality management and in ISO 27001 for information security management systems. These certifications demonstrate that Redstor have internal processes in place to ensure the highest levels of service. Redstor undertake annual audits to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

When it came to protecting our data and our customers, there was only one choice and that was keeping the data in the UK, in the most secure environment possible and that choice is Redstor.