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St Saviour’s CE (VC) Primary School

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St Saviour’s CE (VC) Primary School is a school in Stoke-on-Trent that relies heavily on their telephone system. They have a very demanding hotline which receives many calls throughout the day, so it is essential that they always have access to their phone line. Here is a brief outline of what the project involved and we spoke to Karen Lowe, Office Manager at St Saviour’s Primary School, to hear her feedback.

What was the problem?

Originally, St Saviour’s Primary School had their broadband and telephone systems with Staffordshire County Council but they made the decision to switch their broadband user. Unfortunately this meant that they  lost their phone connections which was a disaster for the school. For about 6 weeks they tried to come up with a solution, whilst employing school mobiles as a temporary cover. This approach was very expensive and gave the school even more issues to contend with. Consequently, Foresee were brought in to try and solve the problem.

How did Foresee solve this challenge?

Foresee was invited to the school and Myla, Head of Fixed Line Sales, immediately saw what the problem was and how it could be fixed. Myla also realised that this was a severe problem for the school so worked quickly to make sure that the problem was solved as soon as possible. It wasn’t a smooth process, as there was a problem with the wiring due to legacy issues, but it was turned around within a week. Myla completely replaced the phone set up and reassured Karen and her team that their phones would be reconnected soon. We also made sure that Karen was constantly updated on the progress so that they were confident that everything was going to plan.

What were the results?

The result was a brand new phone system which was incredibly easy to use and manage. It was important that the school were not disrupted further by having to learn how to use a new phone system, so Foresee made sure it was on a par with their previous system.


“When Myla came in, we liked her straight away and she just got on and sorted it. Myla was incredibly personable and articulate and I knew exactly what she was about, nothing we threw at her was a problem! The whole experience was lovely with Foresee and we got on really well. We are really pleased with the service we had then and the service we have had since.”

– Karen Lowe, Office Manager at St Saviour’s CE (VC) Primary School 

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