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Drumroll please…..we are delighted to launch our brand new Converged Club. *Cue big cheers and rounds of applause*

Our Converged Club is for customers that are, surprise, surprise, fully converged by utilising all three of our core services – IT, Fixed line and Mobile.

While there are obvious benefits to us if you use us to supply, manage and maintain your IT, fixed line and mobile infrastructure, there are also huge rewards to your business.

While many of our customers have one or two of our offerings, we want to demonstrate that when we provide all three services we have the ability to really help and impact you by providing a hassle and jargon free service that allows you to get on doing what you do best…running your business.

For example, if we provide your IT but not your mobile, we can set up your email and support that at your desk, but when you stop receiving emails on your iPhone we struggle to help, you then need to waste the next hour speaking to a call centre for your provider.

We may provide your mobile and IT but not your internet or telephone lines, so when your internet access fails, we can see you no longer have internet access, but we can’t do anything about it.

When we provide everything we can help on all of the above by one call into the help desk, not multiple calls to multiple providers to fix one problem.

The benefit of being a member is firstly being fully converged which stops the above happening.

Three is the magic number…

  1. One call
  2. One provider
  3. One bill

What’s more, you benefit from:

  1. Up to 10% discount
  2. Invites to exclusive events
  3. Business profile in Foresee’s marketing and communications channels

If you are in the club we intend to offer up to 10% discount applied across all products on the one bill. This we intend to start at 5% and increase every year you are a member by 1% up to 10% across the board.

You will get invites to our VIP events throughout the year. We will be wining, dining and dancing on the ceiling with our first batch of converged customers on June 18th at the Lionel Richie gig in the Liberty Stadium.

And the benefits don’t stop there, we’ll also help you promote your business to our growing client base by including profiles in our regular communications.

Over the coming months, we’ll be celebrating those customers that truly are converged when it comes to technology in their business and have harnessed how powerful that can be in giving you an edge over your competitors and streamlining your IT and communications infrastructure.

What’s not to love?! To find out more, please contact Steve or Myla today on 01656 333000.

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