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Foresee new blog

From 1st May 2016 we are proud to announce that our new brand will be Foresee and Foresee Group!

We have decided to take the plunge and rebrand due to our recent growth and success as IT and business communication specialists. When the company was first set up in 2009, it was 100% focussed on mobile and now we also offer IT and Fixed Line services. These changes meant that we needed a new brand that would illustrate our company in its entirety.

Our previous brand was also inherited, so after 7 years we felt it was the right time to create our own identity.

It’s all in the name

After much deliberation, we decided that Foresee would be the perfect name for our business. Our job is to futureproof businesses to make sure that they are always using the latest technology to stay ahead of their competitors. We also always ‘foresee’ what is going to happen next in the world of IT, so the name just stuck. The new logo is also important as it contains four Cs, which stand for converged, communication, collaboration and continuity. These are all words that are very important as we believe they are what make our company different.

New brand, same vision

Although we have rebranded we are still the company that our customers know and love. Our wonderful team are still the same and the friendly voice at the end of the phone line hasn’t changed. Our vision for this new brand is for it to portray the professionalism of the business and highlight further that all our services are in-house and not outsourced. We believe this makes us truly unique, as our customers don’t have to call different people for their IT, Fixed Line or Mobile needs.  Foresee can do it all!

Join our club

In our industry the word ‘converged’ is definitely a buzzword, but forgive us, as in our case it does sum up what we do. Converged means that everything works together and at Foresee that is what our services can do. Consequently, we have set up the ‘Converged Club’ which is for new and existing customers who use all of our services.  If they benefit from our Mobile, Fixed Line and IT services they automatically become part of this exclusive club. As a reward for joining, you will benefit from a 10% discount and the opportunity to join us for special days out during the year.

For more information about our rebrand and how you can join Converged Club please get in touch today.

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