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Let Foresee Connect you…

You may be eligible for a government grant of up to £3000 to cover the installation costs of a new internet lease line.

Foresee an accredited supplier for Super Connected Cities.

The scheme, which is endorsed by the British and Welsh Governments enables businesses to access the connection voucher scheme to pay for the installation of super fast internet lease line.

With speeds up to 1GB upload and download, it can transform the way you do business.

We are seeing more and more customers moving some or all of their IT infrastructure into the Cloud.

This is 100% the right thing to be doing but you must have a resilient internet back bone to do this with robust SLA backup should the worse case scenario happen.

Did you know that standard ADSL internet lines have no SLA should they fail?

That means that if your internet stops working then you may be down for days not hours! No great if you have all your information stored in the Cloud.

See if you are eligible by popping your postcode into the government web site

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We can complete all the paperwork and apply for the funding for you.

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