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Which? the independent consumer magazine surveyed 12,000 of its members on the most reliable computing brands and Apple was the runaway winner.

Which? surveyed for the most reliable brands across five different categories’. It looked for the best brands overall taking into account the latest Which? test results and also looked for the brands that its customers thought offered the best value for money and Apple cleaned up in four of the five categories’ tested.

Apple won the best brand and the most reliable brand for Tablets. Only 9% of Apple tablets develop a fault in the first two years. Compare that to Asus where 48% of develop a fault over the same period.

Apple picked up the Best Brand and Most Reliable Brand for Laptops, Desktop PCs and All in One PCs.

As you can imagine with Apple always at the top end of everyone’s budget they didn’t score so well on Value for Money but they still managed to feature for Laptops and All in One PC’s which is quite an achievement given the price tag on MacBook Pro can go as high as £2000!

It seems that Apple can do no wrong and where it used to be a brand for designer and big graphics users or even an anti establishment statement. It seems that everyone wants their products now and they grow more and more popular with an ever-growing army of loyal fans and followers.

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